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Click here  for a printable copy of our membership form, complete the appropriate fields, and mail to:

Secretary, Cogswell Family Association, Inc.
214 140th St NW

Tulalip, WA 98271-8105

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2019 Membership Dues Notice

 Enclosed you will find the invoice for your 2019 CFA Membership dues of $25.   

The types of Annual CFA memberships are one of three types:

 The designations are an “A” for Ancestral (direct descendent to John Cogswell), “AF” for Ancestral Family by Marriage or Adoption, and “H” for Honorary - Regular Non-Descendent Members. This helps to clarify those members that are direct descendents of John Cogswell for any family research that is initiated through the CFA. Please choose your membership type when filling out this years Dues form.

 Annual CFA Membership Dues are used to perpetuate the Cogswell Family heritage and are to be paid on January 15th of each calendar year. Checks should be made payable to “The Cogswell Family Association” and submitted to: Ed Cogswell, Secretary, 214 140th St NW, Tulalip, WA 98271-8105.  

 You can also contact our CFA Historian Elli Gassert ( if you need any information about your family or want to update the information in our database.

 Please keep in mind that you can gift Annual CFA Membership to anyone else (living at an address that IS NOT yours). New CFA Memberships are $10 for the first year.

 To ensure proper credit for 2019 CFA Dues, detach and return this portion with your dues payment.


Please update the following information for the paying CFA Member:

 Name:              _______________________________________    Member Type  ______ (see types above)

Address:           _______________________________________


 Phone number:  _________________________                Birth date: _________________________           

 Amount Paid:     Annual  Membership ($25)   □   + Add for Courier Postal Delivery ($5)   □   =  (Amt Submitted) _____

 Email:               _________________________

 “The Courier” delivery preference (circle one)                postal mail ($30)            email ($25)

 Annual CFA Membership Type - Please print the name of each of your immediate family members (living at your mailing address), and the type of member check that applies to each member of your family):

(first name) _______________  (middle initial)  _____  (last name) ________________    A □  AF □ H □

(first name) _______________  (middle initial)  _____  (last name) ________________    A □  AF □ H □

(first name) _______________  (middle initial)  _____  (last name) ________________    A □  AF □ H □

(first name) _______________  (middle initial)  _____  (last name) ________________    A □  AF □ H □

(first name) _______________  (middle initial)  _____  (last name) ________________    A □  AF □ H □




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