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    For the past 383 years the Cogswell family has been contributing its sons and daughters to the cultural, religious, and political "experiments" in North America.  For a time, the world wondered whether or not the displaced sons of England could survive and prosper in the new world, especially after the nurture and protection of the English Monarch was rejected by the disgruntled Americans.  Now, from our modern perspective, we can only try and understand and appreciate the sacrifices made, the hardships endured, and the personal pride and satisfaction resulting from a job well-done by our Cogswell ancestors.  Members of the Cogswell family have been especially well represented by honorable military service, and in the fields of medicine and teaching.  But, these "highlights" are not meant to ignore the contributions of the Cogswell farmers, mechanics, teamsters, public servants, and craftsmen (and women) who built the edifice we inherited - North America.   Periodically, this page will introduce you to one of those Cogswell sons or daughters who made a distinguished contribution to our lives in the U.S. and Canada.

   The Association would very much appreciate receiving any additional information (preferably documented) concerning any Cogswell - anywhere.  Now, may we introduce: 

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 Patience [603] COGSWELL

Patience [603] COGSWELL. Daughter of Emerson [221] COGSWELL & Mary MILES. Born 19 Aug 1754 in Washington, Conn. Died 1800 in Staunton, Augusta Co., Va.  She married Gideon MORGAN, son of Gideon MORGAN & Rachel KIBBE, 16 Jun 1772 in Washington, Conn. Born 15 Jun 1751 in Springfield, Conn. Died 15 Nov 1830 in Kingston, Tenn.  He enlisted in the American Revolution, serving as a Corporal in Captain Couch's Company of Col. Andrew Ward's regiment.  Another record states that he also served in Captain Burt's Company at West Springfield, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan remained in Connecticut until 1784, and then removed to Saratoga, New York before 1788.  He was a surveyor, civil engineer, land speculator, and businessman.  He laid out the town of Saratoga, N.Y.  It is said that General Washington was a guest in their home the night of the birth of their son, who they named George Washington Morgan in the General's honor.  Their next move was to Staunton, Virginia, where Patience Cogswell is believed to have died after giving birth to their last two children.  He laid out the city of Staunton, Va., as well.  He sold tracts of land in Morgantown, Albemarle Co., Va., and in New Haven, Rockingham Co., Va.  See: The Allen Papers, McClung Collection, Lawson McGhee Library, Nashville.

He later remarried and removed to Kingston, Tenn., where he was given a permit by Gov. Blount to operate a tavern in Kingston.  It is said that Sam Houston recovered from an arrow wound here, and that Andrew Jackson was a frequent visitor.

Cecil Holland wrote of Gideon Morgan:  "The great grandfather of the raider [Gen. John Hunt Morgan], patriarch of the Morgan clan, and a relative of Gen. Daniel Morgan of the Revolution." 

Gideon and Patience (Cogswell) Morgan had the following children:

       1157                i.              Henry [1157] MORGAN  b. in Staunton, Va.
       1158               ii.              Calvin [1158] MORGAN
1159              iii.              Luther [1159] MORGAN
1160              iv.              Gideon [1160] MORGAN, Col.
1161               v.              Rufus M. [1161] MORGAN
1162              vi.              Mary [1162] MORGAN
1163             vii.              William C. [1163] MORGAN
1164            viii.              George Washington [1164] MORGAN
1165              ix.              Elizabeth [1165] MORGAN  b. 1792 in Staunton, Va.

Stephen [608] COGSWELL

Stephen [608] COGSWELL, Capt. Son of William [222] COGSWELL, Maj. & Anna WHITTLESEY.

Born 1 Sep 1771 in New Preston, Conn. Died 29 Oct 1837 in New Preston, Conn.  He was a farmer, mill owner, and Captain of militia.  He was run over by a carriage, having his foot and leg badly crushed.  He endured the amputation without being held or tied upon the table, but died in two days.  He was a strong and courageous man.  He first married Anna CAMP, daughter of Isaac CAMP & Jane BALDWIN, May 1791 in New Preston, Conn. Born 29 Nov 1769 in Conn. Died 22 Oct 1810 in New Preston, Conn.  They had the following children:

       1181                i.              Sarah [1181] COGSWELL
1182               ii.              Ruth Ann [1182] COGSWELL
1183              iii.              William Camp [1183] COGSWELL
1184              iv.              Stephen [1184] COGSWELL
1185               v.              Laura [1185] COGSWELL
1186              vi.              Mary [1186] COGSWELL

 He second married Susan WHITTLESEY, daughter of Roger Newton WHITTLESEY & Ann WOODRUFF, 11 Dec 1811. Born 12 Feb 1784. Died 19 Feb 1823.  She was a sister of Lucy Whittlesey, who married Stephen COGSWELL [582].

Stephen and Susan had the following children:

       1187                i.              Susan Whittlesey [1187] COGSWELL
1188               ii.              Esther Robbins [1188] COGSWELL
1189              iii.              Maria Holley [1189] COGSWELL

 He third married Rachel SEYMOUR, 23 Dec 1823. Born 24 Oct 1786. Died 20 Nov 1864.  They resided in New Preston, Conn., and had the following child:

       1190                i.              George Seymour [1190] COGSWELL






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