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Missing Family Members

Family members listed on this page are missing and we miss them terribly.  The CFA has sent them newsletters, reunion information and membership renewal and all have been returned as "address unknown".  Please take a minute and let us know where they have gone......


Catherine l. Alder, Vancover, WA
Kristen Bachler, North Hampton, MA
J. Randolph Buck, Fair Hope, AL
William D. Carr, Ballston Lakes, NV
Dennis R. Cogswell, Radford, VA
Eric N. Cogswell, Santa Rosa, CA
Glenn & Peg Cogswell, Topeka, KA
Ralph Cogswell, Berwick, PA
Patricia S. Cogswell, Woburn, MA
Lawrence H. Cogswell, West Newbury, MA
Dennis & Sandra Gollsneider, Kalispell, MT
Isabella M Grant, Jasper, GA
Richard D. Johnson, Thousand Oaks, CA
Peggy Lachapelle, Ocean Park, WA
Carolyn Grant Morey, Rochester, NY
Melina Root, Los Angeles, CA
Marygrace Snyder, Buffalo, NY
Mr Thomas, c/o John Thomas, Elmira, NY
Thomas M. West, Jr., Birmingham, AL Michael l. Williams, Fountain Hills, AZ
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For membership information please visit the Membership Form Page. 

If you know a new address for these
people, please contact

        ELOISE GASSERT, CFA Historian
        618 FOURTH AVENUE
        LADY LAKES, FL 32159
        or via email at:
              cfa-historian [at]   










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